Unique cassette- 90 minutes each side!       (Very thin tape)

Here’s a little history on a few of my favorite airchecks:

The WLS & CKLW airchecks were recorded from the eastern suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio.  All were airchecked on this Lloyd’s alarm clock radio/ cassette player- a fine unit that got great reception!

WLS  10-08-82  Jeff Davis
(Master tape)

One evening I was trying to sleep and just started scanning the radio.  Suddenly I came across this powerful AM station playing rock music out of Chicago!  I immediately grabbed a spare cassette and starting airchecking.

WLS   11-19-82    Brant Miller &             Jeff Davis      (Master tape)


CKLW  7-16-83          
Ted Richards
(Master tape)












KFAB/ Omaha, NE   2-06-82             Bill Jackson
(Master tape)

The KFAB tape was a simple, cheap one I bought at Kmart.   (Of course I was only 16 and didn’t have much money.)   This one was one of the best sounding airchecks I every recorded!    (The Lloyd’s radio was used for this one as well.)

Radio advertising on a city bus in the 70’s.  WCUE was a Top 40 station in Akron, Ohio.