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Updated:  1-27-19

Why aircheck?

In 1981 I recorded my first aircheck when I was 15.  I was living out of state and wished to play for friends what one of my favorite radio stations sounded like.  I popped in a cassette and pressed ‘rec’ on hot afternoon and let the tape roll without pausing.   Recorded was Top 40 station WGCL in Cleveland, Ohio with Dave Collins as the DJ.  I still have that cassette today.  If you’ve ever heard this aircheck elsewhere, here’s the original master tape….

WGCL 8-03-81  Dave Collins

I recorded several more that week.  Being a fan of radio, I wanted to record more.  Even though I was just a teenager, I knew radio formats change all the time so I wanted unscoped memories from my favorite stations,  I made sure to save all my recordings.

Me as a 16 year old at my high school radio station in Nebraska
Me as a DJ in Ohio (2016)